Innovative analysis and use of Trade Data and Trade Intelligence provides RSI's Brand Protection practice with a unique competitive edge.  We leverage client intelligence and our own investigative leads by using a wide variety of international data sources and our own proprietary, intelligence sources.  Our proactive approach provides our high value branded clients with real world solutions.  We are able to efficiently answer the basic "From Whom, To Whom, For Whom, How Much, How Often" questions that underlay every Brand Protection project.
The same "global village" issues which threaten high value brands provide the opportunity for aggressive proactive response.  In a post 9/11 environment international trade data is tracked closely and carefully and can be analyzed for both specific data and data-mined for trends and patterns. Even as pirates change front company names they often continue to rely on historic shipping, transportation, brokerage and agency services.  We use this data to identify real-time shipments and structure effective investigative responses.
Even perfect Trade Data requires real-time intelligence to support effective execution.  Knowing that a container of counterfeit product is due at the docks on "Tuesday" is helpful, but knowing the day and hour it will be released who the consignee is can be priceless.  RSI's Trade Intelligence resources give us access to local real-time data. We can then follow bulk product along the distribution channel to develop hard information and allow our high value branded clients to extract maximum value from the situation and from our mutual target.
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