At RSI we pride ourselves on creative problem solving while maintaining a tight focus on client value. We are a private investigations boutique and provide our clients with a variety of information gathering services.  We have several areas of specialization:
Private Investigations includes a broad range of information gathering, analysis, and other strategic activities to assist corporate and legal clients faced with the assessment of problems and opportunities, litigation and business transactions.  Asset Searches : Due Diligence : Opposition Research : FCPA Due Diligence

The RSI team can assist with complex financial litigation; we can investigate, assess the facts and quantify economic damages to support fair and timely settlement or trial proceedings. We bring a mix of "Big Four" perspective and experience with hands-on boutique service and delivery.  We are practical investigators who understand not just accounting, but how to quickly and efficiently gather facts and assess evidence with a minimum level of disruption.

RSI's professionals provide a variety of consulting services  in the gaming arena. We conduct private licensing background checks under the oversight of government regulatory agencies including the California Bureau of Gambling Control. For our gaming clients we conduct fraud reviews and internal investigations and assist in developing enhanced security and gaming controls.

RSI assists clients to prevent and mitigate risks within the enterprise and with its partners. Our Risk Management services are used in a variety of industries, particularly by our entertainment clients in the course of reality television production. Risk Mitigation for Reality-Based Programming : Insurance Risk Mitigation

RSI provides clients with investigative and security solutions to protect branded products and intellectual property and to investigate its theft, loss and abuse. We have hands-on experience with high margin/ high visibility branded products including high tech, hardware and software, footwear and apparel, pharmaceutical, tobacco and financial products.  Trade Data & Trade Intelligence

RSI has strong relationships and unique resources in most international jurisdictions.  From our Los Angeles office we have particular expertise in Latin America and Asia/Japan.  In all locations we can provide our usual suite of services, from basic ID,  to public records and hands-on detailed investigations. : International Public Records
CA PI License # 25233