Balancing Perceived Risks And The Creative Edge:
Reality based television programming brings a wide variety of unpredictable risks and challenges.  RSI provides an integrated suite of risk management services and advice including pro-active identification of “risk” issues and risk consulting.  Every program presents a unique risk profile and requires customized risk mitigation.  By balancing risk assessment, risk profile and risk response we add positive value to the creative process and economic value to the production process.

RSI has more hands-on experience than any other risk provider having been involved with over 100 realty-based programs. Our risk assessment process begins with the program concept and extends from initial casting through post-production.  We work closely with all parties including senior client management, legal department, business affairs, standards and practices and independent production.  RSI assists with the identification, management and mitigation of risks associated with a program’s creative concept, proposed situation, scenarios, location, and participants.  Program components include:

Customized Background Questionnaire RSI’s custom designed questionnaire supports both effective casting, risk mitigation and the rapid and efficient assessment of a large pool of applicants.

Customized Phased Background Investigation - As the casting process proceeds applicants are processed through a phased investigation depending on specific risks by program or by applicant.

Location Risk Mitigation: RSI professionals provide hands-on risk management services for reality programming on location. 
Final Applicant Risk Profiling: Once participants are selected we develop a complete understanding of the applicants’ character, integrity and risk factors.  This process includes in-person interviews, medical, psychological and physical testing.

Pre- Screening “Gap” Review:Ongoing criminal and civil records check to determine participants’ activities during the time period between when filming has been completed and the show airs.

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