Private Investigations include a broad range of information gathering activities assisting corporate and legal clients faced with the assessment of problems and opportunities, litigation and business transactions.  At RSI we face the inevitable challenges of an imperfect world, including time and cost considerations and key client priorities.  We are persistent and believe in proactive research and fieldwork, we really do knock on doors and ask the unasked question.  Specific investigative services include: Asset Searches : Due Diligence

Gathering information, mitigating risks and solving problems requires a variety of integrated skills:
PEOPLE:  At the core of every problem and every solution are individuals.  Nothing happens in a vacuum.  Risks invariably build over time, leaving a trail of material knowledge.  By identifying, locating, and interviewing key individuals, we provide our clients with invaluable and objective primary source intelligence. 

DOCUMENTS: Public record research remains the foundation for many investigative endeavors.  Even in the age of the Internet there is no substitute for long experience and deep knowledge of state, local and national records.

FRAUD: Fraud is the result of individuals taking advantage of corporate assets.  Fraud always requires the breaching of controls.  Our long experience allows us to assist our clients to rapidly assess, investigate and stop fraudulent activity, cold.

LITIGATION:  We assist our legal clients to assess and investigate underlying facts before discovery begins, during the discovery process and long after discovery is over and a judgment is obtained.  A witness must be found and served before he can be deposed, alternative theories must be established and explored before they can be presented and assets must be identified before they can be attached.

BOOKS & RECORDS:  Managing the intersection between human intelligence and business records provides for efficient forensic accounting analysis in the course of complex business disputes.

COMPUTERS: We assist with electronic discovery and computer forensics.  Data in the 21st Century exists primarily in electronic form.  We gather, assimilate and assess electronic media, effectively and efficiently, never losing sight of the inevitable “human element”.
CA PI License # 25233