RSI's professionals provide a variety of Opposition Research Services. Even in these political research projects we begin with our standard investigative due diligence approach which is designed to obtain a full range of information on the candidate; opposition candidate or proactive self due diligence.  However, to be truly efffective opposition research requires a different level of analysis as identifying material politial issues requires hands-on expereince and a knowledgeable, project driven, customized approach. After analyzing a complete collection of initially accessible information, and consulting with our client we then conduct additional targeted investigative steps to develop issues of value to the campaign.  Our goal is always to provide objective, useful information that can be freely used in the appropriate forums. We are agrressive and creative, but always scrupulously aware of the legal and ethical framework required in a political setting.

Phase I consists of reviewing information already in the client’s possession.  To avoid duplicating effort, we conduct a scoping to understand the existing knowledge base.  We understand the campaign’s priorities, ensure all relevant information is gathered, and formulate a targeted investigative plan.  Phase I consists of gathering public records related to the candidate and key family members. 
In Phase II, after consultation with all involved parties, we develop in-depth knowledge regarding specific issues through additional detailed field work and, where appropriate, targeted interviews.    Where Phase I can be conducted discreetly Phase II is often more overt.  However, Phase II investigations typically target specific high value issues which require, and warrant, a more open process.

We have real-time hands-on experience:
  • On behalf of a committee working on a national election, we found integrity issues and discrepancies in background stories related to individuals used by the opposition in campaign ads.  In addition, we vetted all persons used by our client in media spots. 

  • On behalf of the campaign in a Senate race, we conducted an in-depth inquiry into the business practices of the opposition candidate.  Based on scores of interviews, we identified individuals who presented first hand accounts describing hardships created by this person’s company. 

  • On behalf of a gubernatorial campaign, we identified business interests in controversial companies not disclosed in election disclosure forms.  In addition, we found discrepancies in the person’s educational credentials.

  • On behalf of the campaign in a Senate race, we analyzed a complex series of land transactions and determined the purchasing company was controlled by the opposition candidate’s spouse.  Parties related to the transactions were subject to oversight by a committee that included the candidate as a member.  

CA PI License # 25233