RSI’s fact gathering and risk management resources are used by our insurance industry clients to mitigate risks from client acquisitions through underwriting, from claims assessment through asset identification and recovery.

Client Acquisitions & Underwriting:
“Know your customer” applies as strongly in the insurance arena as it does in financial services.  We assist in developing independent, objective information and in confirming application materials.  An informed underwriter is an effective underwriter.  Our experienced research professionals and our network of local investigators can rapidly and efficiently answer any questions you may have.

Claims Assessment:
Even the largest and most experienced SIU units can benefit from specific local expertise with regard to potential fraud either to complement limited resources or to provide insightful advice and intelligence. We can respond rapidly and thoughtfully whenever and wherever claims challenges arise; objective intelligence reduces costs and improves client service.

Litigation Support:
We assist you by assessing and investigating underlying facts before discovery begins, during the discovery process and even long after discovery is over.  A witness must be found and served before he can be deposed, alternative theories must be established and explored before they can be presented and assets must be identified before they can be attached.

Asset Identification & Recovery:
When worst case situations arise we can bring decades of experience not only to identify insured assets, but also to extend your reach to non-disclosed assets in additional jurisdictions.  We can do more than simply identify assets we bring hands-on skills to assist in converting assets into settlements or other forms of recovery.

CA PI License # 25233