The RSI team can assist with complex financial litigation; we can investigate, assess the facts and quantify economic damages to support fair and timely settlement or trial proceedings. We bring a mix of "Big Four" perspective and experience with hands-on boutique service and delivery.

PRE LITIGATION:  In a pre-litigation or pre-discovery setting we work with management and counsel to quantify risks and liability, identify control environment weaknesses and threats to overall enterprise value. We are practical investigators who understand how to not just accounting, but how to quickly and efficiently gather facts and assess evidence with a minimum level of disruption to our client’s enterprise.  Financial investigations invariably require that we gather and analyze digital evidence.  We can quickly protect obtain existing evidence and associated data so that counsel will have access to critical information and facts.
POST LITIGATION:  In a litigation setting we can provide our legal and corporate clients with a complete financial and accounting picture of the case. We can, identify, analyze, validate, and communicate the impact of financial data. We understand the litigation process, including chain of custody and privilege issues.  We assist client and counsel to develop focused strategies and identify strengths and weaknesses with regard to underlying financial facts and the control environment.
RSI's experience includes
Complex commercial litigation
Breach of contract
Breach of fiduciary duty
Post acquisition disputes
Franchise disputes
Wrongful or rightful dismissal
Arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution
Shareholder and partnership disputes
Intellectual property disputes
Construction fraud
Health care fraud and abuse
Family law disputes
Product liability
CA PI License # 25233