RSI professionals have sought and identified assets in the domestic US and a variety international locations.  Asset searching is one of the most challenging investigative endeavors.  Clients are invariably faced with the prospect of "throwing good money after bad" and the regulatory and legal environment precludes "magic bullet" sources to identify a subject's financial relationships.  Fortunately, even nominally well hidden assets are typically utilized somewhere in the stream of commerce and, with hard work and thoughtful creativity, can be located and potentially seized.

There are two main methodologies employed in searching for hidden assets.

The first is a minesweeper approach -- methodical research in many different records and systematic interviews of many live sources in the hope of eventually hitting a piece of information that might lead to an asset.  Though more certain to develop material information the minesweeper approach tends to be labor-intensive and more expensive. 

The second approach is the  “pick a tree and climb it.”  In this methodology, we select the most promising lead(s)available and follow these as far as possible. The approach concentrates on quality rather than quantity, focusing on cultivating a small number of high-quality sources of information. Utilizing this focused approach it is easier to control costs, avoid inefficiencies, to close out the project if it appears that a line of inquiry is unlikely to be productive or add resources when a fruitful line of inquiry is identified.

After we have an opportunity to debrief client and client's counsel we can provide a staged and practical strategy to lidentify and locate hidden assets..

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